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The following information was posted on facebook by a member of our StopSolarFarms facebook group.
This member is from the Gettysburg Pennsylvania area and is currently fighting a new solar farm proposal that will be seven times larger then any other solar project in the state of PA. We thank him for sharing his information and research with others.

SOLAR FARMS--Want to see the future mess that Adams County, PA and Local Townships have cooked-up for us by coddling these deceitful foreign solar companies?

This is what happens when a corporate solar farm is abandoned/resold and not decommissioned.

Fields of metal struts and broken panel parts just sit there deteriorating and the farmland is never used again for crops...
You know something is corrupt when Straban and other local townships kept "industrial-scale" projects underwrap for years and then agree to only a $500,000 decomissioning bond, while expecting elected officials to naively trust that a 80% salvage/recycling value formula will cover the estimated 7.5 to 10 million in removal and restoration costs, courtesy of these unknown/unregulated/uncertified--Limited Liability Corporations?

The Industrial Solar Sham Equation and/or Industry Standard is :
Gross Cost + Admin Factor - Salvage Credit = the "Decommissioning Cost Estimate"

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