Green Energy Failure

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Green Energy Failure

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I found this article very interesting and informative. CA is screwing its residents - if they choose to remain. The politicians are not paying any attention to what their constituents want. Instead, they push ahead with the "Green Energy Dream."

Renewable Mandates Are Leading to Electricity Shortages and Price Spikes in California

August 18, 2020

"California does it again. In 2001, California experienced rolling blackouts due to energy market manipulation by energy wholesalers and a shortage of pipelines. Now, Californians are again facing rolling blackouts, and this time it is due to California’s forced reliance on solar and wind power. Due to a severe heatwave and without the wind blowing and the sun shining, California’s day-ahead electricity prices spiked at above $1000 per megawatt-hour on August 14. California’s renewable portfolio standard mandates that 60 percent of its electricity must come from renewable energy (mainly wind and solar power) by 2030. Now, residents are asked to conserve electricity to keep the power on—something most other states do not have to endure. This should be a warning to America about the risks of Biden’s Clean Energy Standard that would require 62 percent of our electricity which is now produced from natural gas and coal to come from non-carbon sources, which would primarily be wind and solar power."

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