Hold the media accountable

Thoughts relating to the News Media and how they effect the minds and reputation of American.
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Hold the media accountable

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The following article was written around 20 years ago and is seems as if many of the media has gotten worse over time and are currently doing everything they can to make America look bad in the eyes of the entire world.

Not only are they now sharing every piece of dirt they can dig up and make up, they are also outright printing and telling lies.

I believe it is time for congress to pass some laws that will make the press liable for intentionally printing what they know are made up lies, just in order to effect a political race.

Does the media have any responsibility to respect and protect America, our soldiers and citizens? :?

I have heard reports that during WW II, our president took media personnel into a closed room and allowed them to have certain knowledge about the war effort. However, he also stated that if ANY information was reported ahead of time, there would be severe consequences

Now that we live in an era where the media seems more interested in ratings, then the security of our soldiers or even the feelings of family members, I wonder what laws the government has regarding holding the media responsible for their actions.

My understanding was, there had been a rule or policy for a number of years that the public was not supposed to see the flag draped coffins. It is not up to me, to decide if that policy is right or wrong. But when someone goes in and takes photographs of the flag covered caskets, and they show up in the newspaper, then on TV news, I never heard a word about any repercussions towards the person taking the photos or the ones that published them.

Last year when news reporters gave away locations of our troops, at least one reporter was removed from Iraq, but was that enough. Why not place him in jail for conducting actions that place the lives of our soldiers at risk, during a time of war.

Next comes the leak of these photographs of the prison guards. We hear so much about why the lower ranking military officials did not rush these images to the top, but what about the media that made them available to the entire world. You mean to tell me they didn’t have enough common sense to realize these photographs would cause repercussions, especially in the Arab world.

I don’t care if these photos were displayed to shock the world and get ratings or if this was a political move during an election year, I believe the TV network that displayed them, should be severely punished for their part in displaying information that they had to know, would endanger the lives of our soldiers and civilians for many years to come.

Now look at the contrast. When an American was beheaded, the media refused to show the entire video. I have seen that entire video including the actual execution and I commend the media for not showing it. It is so shocking that I would never allow my children or grandchildren to see it. However some of the media went into such details into describing the actions that took place that I morn for the family members that had to be subjected to such gruesome details.

It is one thing to mention that someone was beheaded. That could have been done after they were killed or it could have been one swift motion that killed him. But to let the family know their son was alive and screaming while someone took their time to commit this awful act, then to let them know there are videos available that will preserve this act for all time, is outrageous. That tells me the media has no real heart or concern for the many loved ones that will be scarred for life by their actions

If we capture the outlaws that performed this act, they will get a trial and may or may not receive justice. But I think we also need to start holding the media accountable for their part in contributing to the horrors by making certain information to the entire world.
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