University Students Want To Remove Lincoln Statue

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University Students Want To Remove Lincoln Statue

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Students At University In Wisconsin Demand That Abraham Lincoln Statue Be Removed From Campus.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, students are now demanding the removal of a campus statue of Abraham Lincoln.

The Abraham Lincoln statue has been a part of UW tradition since it was placed on Bascom Hill in 1919.

Campus legend states that if graduating students climb into Lincoln’s lap and whisper their plans for life after graduation, they will come true.

This is not the only time in the history of the University of Wisconsin that the Lincoln statue has been caught in the crosshairs of protest.

In 2015, as Black Lives Matter protests engulfed the campus, members of a then-new campus group called “About Race UW” proposed the removal of the statue.

In 2016, the statue was draped in a black tarp during a racial protest by students.

Do you ever wonder who is teaching our children to hate this country and the founding of it? There are TWO positions in this country where a person can not loose their job.
One is a “professor” that has tenure.

That allows these professors to spew all types of anti-american hatred in the classrooms and brainwash our children.

The other profession is the Supreme Court where a judge and surpass the President of the US as well as Congress and literally MAKE NEW LAWS that effect everyone in this country.

Why do we as Americans put up with this crud. It’s time to stand up and speak out. Yes, we need to vote at election time, but that alone is not enough because we can no longer trust “some” of the elections to be honest. Not when ballets are being found in the trunk of cars, trash bins and when some districts have more votes then there are citizens old enough to vote.

We need to get on the phone, use social media, (if you can find one that is not censored) build your own website, put up posters, write letters to the editor, put up yard signs and hang up an American Flag, to let people know you care about this country and to let these college age kids discover THEY are not in charge of this country.

They are less then 10% if the population, so while some schools may allow boys in the girls shower room because the claim to “feel like a girl” on certain days, or libraries may let men dressed like women read and teach cross dressing techniques to kindergarten age kids, I personally will do whatever I have to, in order to protect the innocent children in my family and hope some of you will stand beside me.
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Re: University Students Want To Remove Lincoln Statue

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This is getting out of hand. It seems like the organizers of these protests want to eliminate our entire history, our rule of law and social policies, while supporting communism, China's policies and other dictatorships.

People better wake up and see this for what it really is.
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