Sunday Picnics

Memories of Lazy Sundays.
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Sunday Picnics

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When I was a kid, I remember Sundays. The entire family would get up and dress in their Sunday Best, getting ready to go to church. Our church service wasn’t until 10:30, so there was time to look at the Sunday Funny Paper (Of course, I had to fight with my older brother to see the funnies), while Dad would look at the Front Page news. Those were the days when the newspaper wasn’t filled with a bunch of “Fake News.”

Some summer Sundays, Mom would start frying chicken before we left for church, and putting together food for a picnic. We would all lay out “play” clothes and swim suits, towels, etc, so that when we got home we could change clothes, with the bathing suit under the clothes, and be ready to go to some nearby lake to meet friends and have a picnic. It was always so much fun. We would put everybody’s food together and have a fest! For some reason, food was always better when you were with friends and outside!

After dinner, and waiting 30 minutes, we would head for the sandy beaches of the lake. There was always an abundance of people taking advantage of nearby lakes on hot Sunday afternoons.

After playing in the water for hours, we were always ready to head home. Sunburned, sand everywhere and worn out by the sun and the play. When we got home, everybody would get a bath, maybe have a sandwich, and we were all ready to settle down to an evening of Sunday night TV.
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