Trump Tulsa Rally Sabotaged

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Trump Tulsa Rally Sabotaged

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According to Washington Post and Tulsa World news articles, the management of the 19,000 seat BOK Center in down town Tulsa, purchased 12,000 do-not-sit stickers for Trump’s June 20, 20 rally and placed them on seats inside the rally.

While it was not reported as to how many of the seats had stickers placed on them, if all 12,000 were used, that would have only allowed seating for 7,000 attendees.

There was also a tweet sent out the night of the rally by Jay Marciano, head of the management company for the BOK Center, braging about the “Lying Don’s show in Tulsa is a big fat STIFF! There are only 6624 people in the arena.

There is some discrepancy as to how many people made it inside the arena. According to the Fire Marshal, there were only around 6,000 people in attendance, however according to the Trump campaign, there were around 12,000 that made it through the Secret Service scanners.

There are also images of individuals (possibly Trump Campaign Workers) removing the stickers from seats, however some reports indicate these stickers were not removed until AFTER the arena had closed the doors to the Arena.

There were other allegations of sabotage made that BOK Center temperature screeners were pulled off the job by 5:00 pm, at least TWO HOURS before the rally was supposed to start, thereby making it impossible for rally attendees to get the green wristbands needed to advance to the Secret Service metal detectors for entry into the arena or to the overflow stage area for the Trump and Pence speeches.

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