Jeri’s Cafe

What are some of your favorite restaurants for bikers to ride to, hang out and eat.
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Jeri’s Cafe

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One of my favorite restaurants to take a bike ride to is Jeri’s Cafe in Clay, KY.

Our Club was out for a Saturday group ride, about 7 or 8 years ago, and we decided to take some KY backroads to a little town called Clay, KY. From our starting point, it was about an hour’s ride. We had between 15 and 20 riders/passengers in our group.

We had an enjoyable, scenic ride to find Clay. After we did, we then had to find Jeri’s Cafe. It was a small building that we almost filled. The food was great, they had great ice cream, too.

The best part, while we were eating, we saw a tractor in the drive through! Never saw that before, or again after!

Jeri’s is still there, and they have renovated the building. But their menu is still varied, and the food is great!

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