My First Car

Share your memories of life during the early days of TV, Radio, Cars, School Sports, Loud Pipes on the cars, Sock Hops, Poodle Skirts, Hula Hoops, Pet Rocks and other memories.
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My First Car

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My first car was a 1954 Pontiac with a straight 8 engine. It was big and heavy. No power windows, no leather seats, (they were a heavy cloth) and a very large steering wheel compared to today's standards. But it had a good radio, a big back seat and that engine was powerful and fast.

My reason for buying a car was so that I could "cruise" down main street and "meet" other kids my age. The only problem I had at the time was that I was not allowed to legally own a car or get a drivers license yet, so I had to put the car in my girlfriends name.

I don't remember the girls name any more. All I can remember is that she had Red Hair, a great figure and was attending college in my home town. I also remember she lived in a "dorm" for girls and they kept telling me that technically, I was not "allowed" to enter the building, at least when the House Mother was on the premises.

Once I got a legal drivers license, I upgraded to much "cooler" cars starting with my 56 Chevy Convertible with the fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror, a shag rug on the dash, an 8 track tape player under the dash and glass pack mufflers. They sounded great if you put oil inside them when they were first installed. I also had the baby moon hubcaps on the wheels.

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Re: My First Car

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My first car was a light green 1962 Chevy II that had been stored in a barn for several years. My dad found it at one of his customer's homes. It had a three speed transmission on the steering column. They had to "pop the clutch" to get it running and get it to our house. Being able to pop the clutch came in handy many times!

The old man (now, I wonder how old he was!) that had owned it, chewed tobacco. You guessed it! He would open the front door and spit as he drove, or slowed down. That was one of the nastiest messes I ever had to clean up. But, to get a car, you're darn tootin' that I cleaned it!!

The floor in the back seat on the passenger side was almost rusted through. I ended up locking that door, and was right in style with my "three door" car.

When I got it, the car only had around 30,000 miles. And . . . in those days you could put $2.00 worth of gas in the tank and drive all night. That was a lot of crusin' around. Our main street, where everyone cruised, people would make a 'U' turn in front of the Police station, drive to the other end of the street and make another 'U' turn. The street probably wasn't one mile long, but we put a lot of miles on the car driving up and down that street. Within the approximately three years I owned that car, I put close to 60,000 miles on it.

It didn't look like much, but it took me to college, after that it took me to work, and even took me to Daytona Beach, Florida, on one of my first vacations. There were lots of happy memories in that car!

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