Christmas Tree Memories

Share your favorite childhood Christmas Memories.
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Christmas Tree Memories

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I grew up on a farm in an old two-story farmhouse in the 1950’s.

I remember the Christmas tree. My dad, or big brother would go out on the farm and find a Cedar tree in a fence row and chop it down. A small, maybe 4 foot tall, tree and bring it to the house.

My mom would get a bucket of rocks and put the tree down in the rocks to secure it. Then, she would be sure to keep plenty of water in the bucket.

After putting protective padding on our coffee table, she would set the bucket on the table. The tree would then almost reach the ceiling. Then she would drape a folded to sheet around the bucket to hide it.

Then it was time to put the lights on. We had one strand with, I believe, maybe a dozen lights. At that time, we had large – by today’s standards – independently flashing, colored bulbs.

After the lights were on, we got to put ornaments on the tree. We had a few – one box – of shiny store bought ornaments. But we had lots of ornaments made of circles from old Christmas card glued together to form a ball. Then we used lots of icicles. Each one was put on individually. None of that throwing handfuls at the tree.

When we were done, there was nothing I liked better than to sit in the living room in the evening with only the tree lights on. The way the lights flashed and the ever changing colors and shadows… one of my favorite Christmas Memories.

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