List your favorite Motorcycle Rallies. When and where will it take place. What groups are going. Do you camp in a tent, RV or Motel?
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HogRock is a Rally in Southern IL near the town of Cave-In-Rock. Most of the year it is simply a sleep little town on the Ohio river with a ferry connecting it to Marion, KY.

Twice a year, in early June (HogRock) and in early October (HogRock’tobrtfest), Cave-In-Rock is teeming with Bikers. A few miles down IL Hwy 1, is a side road that takes you to a private pasture that twice a year is converted into a tent/motor home city.

People come from far and wide to party with other Bikers. There is entertainment every night starting on Wednesday night for the early bird, and continuing through Saturday night.

The entertainment is varied from year to year. There are several/many musical groups, covering a wide variety of musical styles. There are comedians, erotic hypnotist, fire performer, hog races, mechanical bull riding (topless women), Wall of Death, many Biker games, Wet T-shirt Contests, and much much more. The entertainment begins early in the day and lasts until early morning.

Besides the official entertainment, you can sit beside the roads, many times in your camp site, and watch the parade of Bikes and Bikers/passengers go by. Some are clothed, some are not. Since it is a private party, pretty much anything goes.

Being around Bikers, it is one of the safest places to be. Occasionally trouble will break out, but that is the exception and not the rule.

Whether you choose Spring or Fall, if you like Bike Rallys, you will enjoy HogRock!!

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