Solar Panel Inverters Recalled Due To Fire Hazards

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Solar Panel Inverters Recalled Due To Fire Hazards

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Solar Panel Inverters Recalled Due To Fire Hazards

The individuals and COMPANIES trying to profit from tax payer money by selling people on using GREEN ENERGY have been caught in another lie.

Claims of Solar Panels lasting for 20 to 30+ years is being destroyed.

It seems Delta Electronics received so many reports of the capacitors used on Solar Panels failing and allowing heat to build up, including reports of the cover forcibly ejecting off the inverter units, that Delta Electronics had to recalled their solar inverters due to fire and impact hazards.

The defective products were Sold through various solar installers in Arizona, New York, Tennessee and Washington from March 2012 through May 2017 for between $2,000 and $4,000.

That is 5 years of dangerous potentially fire causing products attached to homes, fields and businesses, from another product that was MADE IN CHINA.

This is just more proof that elected officials that are paid to protect the citizens of this country are in bed with foreign governments, as well as having their hands out whenever a lobbyist comes by representing any rich group.

It's time to vote against EVERY incumbent politician, from city, county, state and federal elected offices.

For more information on this recall go to: This Government Website

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