18 Portland Protestors Arrested

There is a difference between peaceful protests and criminals terrorizing our citizens. This section is a list of rioters, anarchists and other criminals that have been arrested for violent and illegal acts during alleged protests.
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18 Portland Protestors Arrested

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U.S. prosecutors on Friday unveiled charges against 18 Portland, Oregon, protesters ranging from assaulting police to arson and trespassing, a day after the Trump administration expanded the deployment of tactical police to Seattle.

The arrests came this week during clashes with specially equipped federal police agents sent to Portland, where there have been 56 straight days of demonstrations and riots, that were supported by (some) local Democrat politicians.

The Trump administration also sent a tactical team to Seattle on Thursday in anticipation of protests this weekend despite the objections of the Seattle mayor and Washington state governor, who warned of a Portland-like escalation of tensions.

U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington Brian Moran said in a statement that federal agents are stationed in Seattle to protect federal properties and the work done in those buildings.

"Let's not let the violence that has marred the Portland protests damage peaceful movements here for a more just society," Moran said. "My hope is our community will speak with one voice to discourage those who seek to hijack peaceful protests with damage and destruction."

The Trump administration has also sent federal police to Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque over the objections of those mayors and many law abiding citizens in this country are thankful for an administration that will not allow liberal politicians to turn their backs on local law enforcement officers and allow terrorists and other extremists to continue distroying American property, history and lives.
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