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Combat Socialist Country

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Support Trump

Right now, more than ever, we need to stand up and support our President, Donald John Trump. In my opinion President Trump is our only hope to save the America that we know and love.

President Donald John Trump is the only politician in Washington D.C. that is not in someone’s back pocket. His actions do NOT depend on what he is being paid to spew and support. He is NOT part of the swamp, but, instead, is trying to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

If DJT was not our President, we would have no idea just how corrupt the swamp is, or just how deep it goes. We all knew that there were corrupt politicians, but….this is beyond corrupt. In actuality there are people with deep pockets who have never been elected to office that are running the country. Biden has already met with the Tech Giant Millionaires who want to/will control Biden if he is elected.

Besides that, we all know that George Soros is funding most of the terrorists that are rioting all over the country. If they were not being paid, how could they afford to go to all the different locations and stay there for days/weeks? Who feeds them, gives them a place to stay and keeps them clothed? I couldn’t afford it. Could you?

We MUST stand up and support President Trump. We need to get everyone we know to support Trump. We MUST get as many people as we can to the polls on November 3, 2020 to support Trump. The alternative is a Socialist/Communist Country.

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